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3 More Great Pro Audio Systems for Fitness Instructors

Posted by Affinitech on Sep 22nd 2016

In a previous blog, we highlighted a couple of pieces of pro audio equipment that we think are great options for fitness instructors. From behind-the-head headsets to mixers to speakers, we bel … read more

3 Tips for Houses Of Worship Looking for Great Sound

Posted by Affinitech on Sep 19th 2016

Sound is an incredibly important aspect of the experience in many of the houses of worship out there. It allows people to worry less about their surroundings and provides them with a moment to get l … read more

Fitness Instructors Rejoice! We Have the Pro Audio Systems For You

Posted by Affinitech on Sep 14th 2016

Ask any fitness instructor who’s taught a class using any kind of audio equipment and we think they’ll agree that the stuff you get at a big box store doesn’t always cut it. When it comes to making … read more

One Piece of Professional Video Equipment You Absolutely Need

Posted by Affinitech on Sep 9th 2016

Today’s blog is all about the piece of professional video equipment that we’re thrilled to be able to offer to our customers. It’s the Denon Professional Blu-ray Disc Player!Who would benefit f … read more

Do You Need Security Surveillance Systems? 5 Things to Consider First

Posted by Affinitech on Sep 1st 2016

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover a question nearly every business owner asks at some point or another—“Do I need a security surveillance system?”To answer that question, there are a couple of t … read more

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