Bosch Security and Video Solutions

Over the past decade, Bosch has participated in the adoption and growth of AI-driven video systems and solutions. Prior to 2016, the industry focused on security, relying on human review of video footage with reactions based on what was seen. The next step was to take advantage of the richer and more versatile video data provided by sensors, like video security cameras. The key to this is enabling “things” to interpret video and deliver actionable insights; which Bosch has been doing since 2016. Our defined “AI meets IoT” strategy and the existing technologies and solutions help us to lead our customers on the journey from reactive to predictive environments. Moving towards predictive solutions only makes sense if everything we do is designed around our customers’ needs, built on trust, and supports sustainable business practices.


AI-enabled and ready to connect

Discover our latest generation of AI-enabled video security cameras. They deliver actionable insights from intelligent data to improve security or business operations and connect safely to the cloud while keeping video data secure.

AI-driven Video Analytics

Helping customers run their businesses safer, smarter, and easier

We offer a menu of Video Analytics, on-premise or in the cloud, to help security professionals to address a variety of challenges and deliver value beyond security.

Management software

Visualizing the right information at the right time

The most effective video security solutions do more than simply capture relevant images; the future of security is data- driven. Video security solutions must be capable of presenting the data in a format that is easy to access and understand. And it must ensure that data is available and secure at all times.


Reliable recording solutions on-premise or in the cloud

Easily manage, record, and replay video security footage on-premise or directly in the cloud from anywhere. It helps site managers, security operators, or operations staff make quick decisions.