Our Services

From fitness to finance to manufacturing, we bring you the latest and greatest, from small jobs to large, across multiple industries and applications. We deliver the best in audio and video where you work out, where you do business, where you shop, where you dine, and everywhere in between.

  • Help Desk support (7 Days a week, 7-7 M-F / 9-5 S-S) with additional coverage available upon request.
  • Design, Deploy, and Maintain distributed audio and video solutions
  • Custom video head-ends for cable or satellite video sources, 1-100+ channels all digital, all HD
  • Cable and install TVs and overhead audio as a background or foreground music environment
  • IP-based control over the systems (we can manage and troubleshoot the equipment from anywhere in the world)
  • AudioFetch™ streams the audio from the TV to the ear buds plugged into your smart phone
  • Crestron design/installation

Affinitech serves satisfied customers across North America and world-wide. Our primary footprint is in the continental United States and Canada. 

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