About Us


Design. Install. Maintain

Affinitech Inc. is an established company focused on using the latest technology to create inspiring, cutting-edge solutions for your business. From high-definition audio and video, to security and surveillance systems, we design easy-to-use, networked systems that can truly revolutionize your business. By creating environments that excite and engage employees and customers like never before, we not only help your company succeed, but also run smoother and more effectively.

Our research and development teams are continuously designing creative new strategies for maximizing the potential of both current and emerging technologies. When it comes to the equipment we use, we only partner with the best. Our relationships with the leading companies in the technology industry allow us to provide you with the highest-quality, state-of-the-art solutions available.

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What We Do

Revolutionize the way your company operates with innovative and exciting technology solutions from Affinitech. As a creator of custom technology systems, we utilize our experience, ingenuity, and our partners’ expertise to create fully integrated solutions for every need. We handle every step of the process, making it seamless and simple for you. First, our engineers work with you to assess your company’s needs. From there, we’ll provide you with cutting-edge, innovative, and fully integrated solutions from beginning to end. We’ll also handle the complete installation, so you only have to deal with one company for everything. Once your system is up and running, our full-service, highly-trained Help Desk is available to answer questions and solve any problems you may have with your system.

Our "Sweet Spot"

We have made our mark across many industries in the areas of  Distributed A/V, IP Network Video, Digital Signage and traditional Audio / Video Integration. We DESIGN, INSTALL and MAINTAIN custom solutions for our clients. By drafting the "best of the best" certified designers, installers and maintainers, we have established ourselves particularly in the Fitness and Health Spa industry, providing state-of-the solutions for organizations across the globe. We understand sweat equity! Regardless of size, we treat each of our customers with the respect and dedication they deserve. Do you have a project you are considering? Let us help you save time.....and money. We look forward to hearing from you.

We specialize in the following areas:

IP Network Video

We design network video systems that provide both surveillance and information. As a full-service integrator, we work with you to establish high-risk areas worthy of attention in order to create systems that can take advantage of existing infrastructure and provide true return on investment. We have an international team of highly skilled technicians to install your equipment to the industry’s highest standards. We provide you with training and post-handover support to make sure your team uses the new systems to their full capacity. Our knowledgeable Help Desk is always available to make sure your system functions at its peak long after the initial installation.

Digital Signage

The demand for dynamic, fresh content has made printed media stale and obsolete. We specialize in consolidating multiple sources of content from multiple business units within an organization. The integration of content from Marketing, Legal and Operations allows for continuously fresh and unique content while spreading cost over multiple budgets. This cost-effective measure keeps your displays intriguing to the people that matter most—your customers.

Distributed Audio/Video

With our understanding of IP technology, we lead the way in the migration of legacy Audio and Video systems. Our solutions can provide multi-site, multi-channel High-Definition Audio and video throughout your organization. We specialize in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of these solutions.

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