Anchor Audio ProLink 500 Wireless Intercom System

The ProLink 500 is a digital wireless intercom system that allows full duplex communication among four users simultaneously with the option of an unlimited number of listen-only beltpacks. The ProLink 500 offers two channels which allows up to seven full-duplex users. Users can be split into two groups of four – with the master having the ability to switch between groups. The intercom systems utilize the FCC license free 902 - 928 MHz range for the U.S. without the need for a base station. However, the ProLink can also be integrated into a wired system such as the PortaCom using the WingMAN. The ProLink 500 has the capability to transmit up to 500 ft. line of sight and allows communication through walls and glass. Use the ProLink for houses of worship, high school theater, event coordination and production, broadcast studios, small theaters, and more!



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