Crown Amplifier Switcher, CT8SHO

Crown Amplifier Switcher, CT8SHO

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Crown Amplifier Switcher, CT8SHO

Crown Amplifier Switcher, CT8SHO Amplifier Switcher The CT8SHO amplifier switcher gives users of public address systems confidence that their system is operational and healthy. For the first time, the public address system industry has an alternative to proprietary amplifier switching technology at an affordable price. The CT8SHO has 8 primary amplifier inputs (which connect to the amplifier outputs), 8 backup amplifier inputs (which connect to the amplifier outputs), and 8 speaker outputs.  The CT8SHO can be connected to the Hi-Z output (70V/100V) of amplifier and capable of handling up to 160VRMS, 20A continuous for each channel. In the event that a failed channel is detected, the unit can switch the failed channel to an idle backup channel. Once the primary amplifier channel is back online, the unit will switch the backup channel back to the primary channel. All errors and switch operations will be reported to the management software. The CT16S hardware supports backup ratios ranging from 8:1 to 1:1. A series of programmable GPIO’s can be used to connect the CT8SHO to external control devices. A total of 16 control inputs and 5 control outputs are built into the CT16S to provide enough control inputs for emergency use. In addition to the GPIO, an Ethernet connector is provided for additional configuration and control.

About Crown Audio

Acquired by Harman International in March of 2000, Crown has continued to move forward, producing numerous innovative designs, such as the DriveCore™ Install (DCi) series that was released in 2013. This series features both analog and Network amplifiers for the installed sound market. Using just one tiny chip to replace over 500 parts makes the DCi series of amplifiers the most reliable and innovative amplifier on the market today. These products and more embody the reliability and innovativeness that have long been the manufacturer’s hallmarks. Crown today continues to delight its customers with products that consistently exceed both specifications and expectations, even on the most demanding tours and installations.


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