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3 Reasons You Need a Pro Audio System for the Holidays

Posted by Affinitech, Inc. on Nov 1st 2016

With the holidays right around the corner, more and more businesses, places of worship, and gyms are going to be looking for pro audio systems that can pump out the sound. In today’s blog, we’re goi … read more

Tips For Wearing Professional Video Equipment Properly

Posted by Affinitech Inc. on Oct 17th 2016

Whether you’re an extreme athlete, a law enforcement professional, or simply someone who likes to go running at night, you may be thinking about using a wearable video camera to keep you safe and reco … read more

A Pro Audio System Will Make These 3 Things More Enjoyable

Posted by Affinitech Inc. on Oct 3rd 2016

Installing a pro audio system isn’t as cheap as simply setting up a boombox or convenient as one of those all-in-one surround sound speaker systems. But as they say, you get what you pay for. When you … read more

5 Businesses That Would Benefit From Security Surveillance Systems

Posted by Affinitech on Sep 27th 2016

Keeping your business safe and theft-free is a concern for any business owner. Some businesses, however, are more prone to need security surveillance systems than others.In today’s blog, we’ll explo … read more

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